Meet Scarlett Williams

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Meet Scarlett Williams
Hi, I’m Scarlett and welcome to my website, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Hi, I’m Scarlett and welcome to my website, thank you for taking the time to stop by.


I am a mental health nurse by profession and live in the beautiful, picturesque area of Derbyshire. I’m a mum and also have two dogs.

I have a passion for weightlifting, in 2019 I competed in a natural bodybuilding show in trained figure and placed 2 in my category and 3 in the British finals. I also enjoy walking, boxing, yoga, food and wouldn’t be without my coffee!

I think that life is all about challenging yourself, embracing new opportunities and becoming a better version of yourself. Life is far too short, experience everything you can!

I believe self-care and looking after your mental health and mindset is vital.

Times are hard for everyone right now since the pandemic, not to mention the current energy crisis and the increase in the cost of living, taxes, national insurance, and inflation. How gloomy does that sound?

This is why I am super passionate about helping others. I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to save money on their utility bills.


Great value energy, now and always

I am currently helping households save anywhere between 20-40% on their utility bills.

I do this in a variety of ways:

  • I bundle all your utility services onto one simple monthly bill, so no need to remember when different contracts expire and no unexpected price hikes. Just one bill each month, one password to remember and one app- stress and hassle free- (it is worth mentioning you don’t have to bundle all your service together if you don’t want to).
  • If you do bundle all your services together, your energy is guaranteed to be up to 5% below the current price cap and what I offer is one of the leading value tariffs on the market.
  • I ensure you are on the right tariff for your energy usage and will check your current unit rates and standing charges to ensure they are not too high and your tariff meets your needs.
  • I can also get households up to £150 for free (dependant upon which services are taken).
  • I can also provide you with a cashback card which gives you cashback on all of your shopping and any cashback earned is deducted from your monthly utility bill, meaning you could never pay full price for bill again.

I am now also able to offer two new insurance products- Bill Protection and Income Protection. These two products are a form of insurance to protect a customer when they’re unable to work through no fault of their own. The products are a bit like a financial safety net, giving customers support when they need it the most:

  • Bill Protector will cover the cost of your utility bill up to £300 per month for a maximum of 6 months
  • Income Protector will provide a cash payment of up to £4,500 (maximum six monthly payments of up to £750 a month).

In addition, each product provides payment should a customer suffer a serious accident including £750 for Bill Protector (£25 x 30 days) and £1,500 for Income Protector (£50 x 30 days) in the event that they are hospitalised. Plus, £10,000 accidental death cover.

Just another way of helping people during these difficult unprecedented times.

What I offer

  1. My quotes are free and there’s no obligation afterwards
  2. My quotes are tailored to each household’s needs
  3. I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  4. can help households with their energy, broadband, landline, mobile, home insurance, boiler cover and bill/income protection
  5. I can give you up to £200 to help you switch to cover any early termination fees, again this depends upon what services you take.
  6. What I offer you has been ‘Which’ recommended for over 10 years running, it doesn’t get much better than that.
  7. No broadband price hikes for the duration of your contract.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at my customer testimonials on that section of the website.

Meet Scarlett Williams

Extra Income

At present we are seeing so many people and households in financial difficulty. Since the pandemic, our disposable income has become less and less.

Not only are we dealing with the current energy crisis which means the cost of our bills are increasing, but there is also an increase in the cost of living, tax, national insurance, food and inflation.

Yet our wages do not appear to be reflecting this. In fact, due to the pandemic, a lot of us have actually lost our jobs and are not working at all, relying on state benefits which again do not reflect the increase in the cost of living.

Debt, poverty and homelessness are on the rise. Tough times lie ahead for us all. Due to this more and more of us are looking for a second income or the ability to just earn some actual money.

Not only that, with pandemic restrictions easing, a lot of us will be returning to the workplace and a lot of us have enjoyed working from home for a variety of reasons and are now re-evaluating what we actually want.

We want something which is flexible and fits around our current commitments and this is exactly what I was able to get my hands on back in January 2021; an amazing opportunity.

I’m so glad I took the time to find more out about it. Its been an opportunity that has fulfilled mine and my family’s life in more ways than one.

Just some of the benefits:

  • It’s a pandemic proof business- and not many businesses can say that!
  • You earn by helping others save money on their bills
  • Full training and support given
  • No qualifications or CV needed
  • Fits around your current commitments and lifestyle, meaning you work your business to suit you
  • Full or part time hours available
  • People from a variety of backgrounds and professions do this business.
  • You can earn up to £400 per household you help
  • You must be coachable, positive and willing to learn
  • An opportunity to build financial security
  • You will be recognised and rewarded for your hard work
  • Other bonuses and incentives available
  • No overhead costs to pay out, no wages to pay- you literally earn from month one
  • This business can provide you with the opportunity to- earn an extra income, obtain financial freedom, have more spare time, have your own business, more income in retirement, the ability to leave a legacy and engage in personal development

If this interests you or you would like to know a bit more, please get in contact with me


Helpfull & Patient

“I found Scarlett very helpful and patient while explaining the details. Scarlett welcomed my daughter to sit in and included her in all details of the change over- I found this very helpful as I do struggle with modern technology. Scarlett saved us £40 a month, but this wasn’t the main thing for me…I have experienced poor customer service with my previous provider so It’s very reassuring for me to know Scarlett is always willing to help me if need be, and up to now the service has been great ad I’ve finally got the smart meters I always wanted.”
Thank you Scarlett


Extremely Helpful

“I had a video call with Scarlett where she explained reallv well to me how she could help with all of my bills. My energy company had just gone bust and I was in limbo about what would happen with my new supplier. Scarlett was extremely helpful and managed to save me money by utilising the everybody saves scheme, which promised to beat what I was previously paying. The changeover was very simple, and Scarlett has been there throughout, sending me reminders and checking that everything has gone ok for me. I now have a much more stable internet connection; two phone contracts; a cashback card; and am safe in the knowledge that my energy prices are not going to shoot up drastically during this energy crisis”.

Thank you Scarlett, for everything.


Professional & Reliable

“I got intouch with Scarlet in October. And i’m so glad i did, she has saved me over £1000 per year and made my life so much easier in terms of managing my bills in one place, she is professional, reliable ( always reply’s to my message with in an hour) and is an absolute pleasure to deal with . i really couldn’t recommend her highly enough. thank you so much”.



Actual legend

“We absolutely love Scarlett. It’s so nice to work with someone who has her own family, so completely understands the struggles families are having right now with the energy crisis. When our energy company went bust, it caused a fair bit of anxiety for me, as we have had a rough year being self employed getting through covid. Scarlett set aside a lot of time for us on a 1:1 basis, to discuss all our needs and to work out what we needed to help us through this uneasy time and ultimately, make us immune from the energy crisis that so many are facing. Scarlett’s at the end of a message at any time. I’ve messaged her a lot throughout the whole process with all my ridiculous questions, and she has answered them straight away, and is never mithered by me messaging”.

So thank you Scarlett.

Actual legend xxx


Would Highly Recommend

“As I wasnt happy with my current energy provider I approached Scarlett for some advice! Scarlett took the time to explain about energy prices so I was therefore able to make a decision to change to a more competitive company with alot more to offer as I had no clue which company to go with, with energy prices soaring its such a minefield! Scarlett was always there at the end of the phone to explain what was going to be happening so the change over was extremely smooth as I was a bit apprehensive of this. Any questions/queries I had Scarlett was extremelv prompt in getting back to me with the answers I needed. I also got £50 cash back on my bills!! Would highly recommend Scarlett for her services extremely professional thank vou”!


Top Class Customer Service

“I would absolutelv recommend Scarlett to help you save money on your bills. My energy bills went up a lot and I am now saving by switching. Scarlett gave top class customer service throughout. She was patient and helpful, answering all my questions. She gave me all the info and facts and then I was able to review and make a decision. Then she took care everything for me, she is very effecient at getting everything sorted! This made the switch really easy for me. I’m really grateful, thank you for all your help Scarlett I am really happy with everything and glad I messaged her to find out more! If you are thinking of doing the same, you should go for it”!


Uplifting & Inspirational

“Scarlett is an uplifting, inspirational and tenacious person to be around. We haven’t spoke much since school then she messaged me to say that she had a new business venture. I agreed to have an appointment with her and the rest is history Not onlv has she saved a MASSIVE total of £61 a month on my utility bills, mobile phone & internet but then she gave me a great opportunity of earning an extra income. And it gets better, the extra income generation comes from helping others save money! Please don’t pass off this opportunity to save hundreds of pounds! NEI Thanks again Scarlett for all your support on aiding me to become a partner”.


Highly Recommend

“Before I had an appointment with Scarlett, I was with BT and Eon. I have been with those companies for some time and never really looked into switching recently. I’m a builder by trade and also started building work on my own home and never really found the time to look into things. After an appointment with Scarlett, managed to save £50 month as I reevaluated my TV package also. That’s a saving of £600 year. Scarlett oversaw the switch for me, it was easy and stress free. Scarlett is there to answer any questions and remind me of things. This is exactly what I need with me being so busy. I’d highly recommend the service that Scarlett provides”.


Thanks A Million

“So me and Paul couldn’t make our mind up if to switch or not. But we went for it. Are we glad we did. Scarlett made it so easy for us. She has kept me updated all the way through and I have done almost nothing to make the switch happen. Saved me £60 a month on my monthly bills. What more can you ask. Thanks a million Scarlett” X



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Meet Scarlett Williams

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Sometimes life throws you curveballs 🏀 which alters your goals or plans you may have. 

That’s life- adapt, grow, take it for what it is and raise a glass 🍸 to your ability to handle the change 🙌

#raiseaglass #change #curveball #life

Sometimes life throws you curveballs 🏀 which alters your goals or plans you may have.

That’s life- adapt, grow, take it for what it is and raise a glass 🍸 to your ability to handle the change 🙌

#raiseaglass #change #curveball #life

No words needed because this speaks a thousand words 🥰💕

One of my favourite photos and the best thing I’ve ever created 🫶

Still jealous of his bleach blonde hair though 😂

#family #son #love #thousandwords #nowordsneeded #instaphoto #instaphotography

No words needed because this speaks a thousand words 🥰💕

One of my favourite photos and the best thing I’ve ever created 🫶

Still jealous of his bleach blonde hair though 😂

#family #son #love #thousandwords #nowordsneeded #instaphoto #instaphotography

My boy 💕

When did he become so grown up, really proud of the boy he is today 🫶

#myboy #mybestfriend #family #love #proud #son #grownup

My boy 💕

When did he become so grown up, really proud of the boy he is today 🫶

#myboy #mybestfriend #family #love #proud #son #grownup

Meet Scarlett Williams

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